Spooktacular Content Ideas 

Are you looking for new creative content ideas for this October? These ideas will allow your followers to get involved with your posts and with other followers! 

October 20th is Get To Know Your Customer Day

Create a fun interactive questionnaire for your customers to answer about themselves. Creating a questionnaire will show your clients you care about who they are on a personal but professional level.  

Questions you could ask are: 

  • How did you hear about us? 
  • What product or service among our offerings is most important to you? 
  • How often do you shop for our products and/or services? 
  • How did your purchase or service work for you from us if you have made one? 
  • What service or products are we not carrying that you would like for us to offer? 

October 16th is Bosses Day

Show your appreciation with a video collage of each employee thanking your boss. Not only does it show your boss you are thankful for him or her but shows your audience the gratitude and respect everyone holds at your business.  

October 31st is Halloween 🎃

Here are some spooktacular ideas for your followers to interact with! 

  • Have your audience comment on a picture of the costume they are wearing and whoever has the best one gets a discount or a prize. This will help create more interactions with your posts and always allow your target audience to interact with each other.  
  • Have your audience comment on their favorite candy or chocolate. Then you pick one individual from the comment section and have them come into your business for a coupon with a bag of their favorite candy or chocolate. 
  • Create a story or reel with everyone at your business dressed up in costumes and dancing to a Halloween song such as the Monster Mash.