Attract More Hearts This Valentine’s Season 

Get More Instagram Likes With These 10 Tips - SEO Digital Group

Are you not getting the number of likes on your posts that you want? Getting more likes gets your brand out there to more of your audience and gains more followers to build up your page. With these helpful tips and taking the time to make the adjustments, you will see the hearts adding up. 

  1. Make sure you post high quality photos. Photos shouldn’t be blurry or pixilated. If you designed a post, make sure it is easy to read and is simplistic. Make sure your message is clear as well.  
  1. It is important to post when most people are activated on the Instagram app. The best day to post is on Monday for Instagram especially between 3pm and 4pm. Most people are activated on Mondays due to the first day back from the weekend.  
  1. Post 4 to 5 times during the week. Avoid posting on the weekend.  
  1. Use hashtags and call to actions in captions along with an interesting caption to capture interest in your audience.  
  1. Start adding more video content. You can also include subtitle to the videos you post. 
  1. Include stories on your page for people to interact with when you include stickers. Post a story once or twice a day.