How To Gain More Followers 

Gaining more Instagram followers can help you grow your business and reach more of your target audience. There are many strategies to follow to get the gains you want. Engaging with other people will help your page grow. It is important to follow other people, comment on your posts and other people’s posts, and respond to messages. It is important to remain consistent and always interact on the app through your content and stories. You can create interactive stories to engage viewers in your page, attracting more people. You should also regularly interact with other people’s stories to show you are using the Instagram app.  

One thing to avoid and never do is buy your followers. There are apps that will charge you to increase your followers. The followers added to your account tend to be fake accounts. When you want to increase the number of people following you, you need to see if they are organic accounts. This means the individuals are posting regularly on the stories or feed, their followers are real, and/or engaging with comments on their posts. 

Here are some strategies to follow:

  • Create a solid brand identity. 
  • Be active by liking and commenting on others’ posts. 
  • Schedule posts in advance. 
  • Ask customers and partners to post your content and products/services. 
  • Include your social links on your website. 
  • Use hashtags to expand your reach to different audiences. 
  • Follow clients and other businesses to increase engagement.
  • Respond to messages and comments on your own content. 

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