How to schedule a post in Meta Business Suite

You can plan ahead of time to schedule your content with Meta Business Suite. It will save you time and help you stay organized during your busy schedule. Here are step-by-step instructions on scheduling posts to your Facebook Page and Instagram account on Meta Business Suite. 

  1. Access the Content or Planner tab on the Business Suite app or website.  
  2. Click the words “Create post.”  
  3. Pick where you want to schedule a post on Facebook or Instagram. 
  4. Add a caption and photo(s) and/or video. 
  5. For a Facebook post, you can include feeling/activity, location, messages button, or link to your post.  
  6. Click the word Publish. 
  7.  This is optional, but to publish the post later, click Schedule. 
  8. Add the date and time you want to publish the post. 
  9. Click Schedule to finish up.