What is tagging and the importance of it?


Tags allow users on social media to engage with other users by mentioning them in a post or comment. In simple terms, it is used to mention someone in a post. 

How to tag:

You type in the @ sign, and different users’ names will appear. When you pick the user of your choice, that person is added to that post. Then they are notified, and that post is posted to their page or profile.  

On Instagram: 

  1. Tap on “Tag people.” 
  2. Tap the photo to bring up the search bar. 
  3. Type in the name of the user or business and click on it. 
  4. Click the blue tick in the top right-hand corner. 
  5. Post a photo or video.  

On Facebook: 

  1. Type the @ symbol when you start creating a post. 
  2. Type the user or business name with no space and click on the name. 
  3. Finish up and post the video or photos. 

There are multiple reasons to use a tag! 

  • You can use it to give credit to an employee, another business, or an author of an article. 
  • You can tag to share the appreciation of another user or business, which will also help promote their business. 
  • Tagging can be used to respond to comments.